The Silesian Botanical Garden was founded as an Association of Societies and Institutions in May 2003. The idea to create a botanical garden in Mikolow arose in 1997. The impulse the led to its creation was a natural resource survey performed in 1996 was which showed that Mokre, a district of Mikolow, contains a unique natural environment. 


The mission of the Botanical Garden is to protect and preserve the endangered plant species of the Upper-Silesia region form the future generations. The mission of the Garden is realized through the creation of a space for the conservation of Silesia’s biodiversity and of all of the temperate climatic zone for the good of contemporary and future generations; the presentation of plant collections which enables the public to learn about protected species; scientific research; active participation in the propagation of pro-ecological attitudes and information on the methods of biodiversity conservation amongst the inhabitants of the region. These action have been supported from the very beginning of the Garden’s existence by The Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice.



 foto Janusz Moczulski