Silesian Ecological Calender

The Silesian Ecological Calendar called „Climate – Human – Environment” was created to answer to the demand for broadly defined ecological education and the existing disparity between formal ecological education and everyday practice of proecological attitudes. Despite the efforts of many non-governmental organizations many issues still require systematic development, discussion and constant reminding in order to raise ecological awareness in the region. This awareness is still insufficient which often leads to passive attitudes to environmental issues. The program, because of its regional character, aims to raise pro-social and pro-ecological awareness in Silesia through constant and systematic reminding of environmental threats and of methods of preventing negative processes. Many techniques of encouragement to pro-environment actions of youth, various specialists and whole families are employed during the realization of the Silesian Ecological Calendar.



The Silesian Ecological Calendar is a suite of ten diversely themed festivities selected to be broad in scope and to raise key regional and global environmental issues. Since 2012 we have celebrated the following festivities: in February –Day of Wetlands and Marshes, Frog Day, in March –Water Day, in April –International Bird Day and Earth Day, in May –International Biodiversity Day and World Day of Plants, in June –Day of Forests, Day of the Bee, Day of the Wind, in July – Population Day and Thunder Day, in September – Day of Wild Fauna, Flora and Natural Habitats, in October – World Animal Day, Day of the Forest and World Tree Day and in December –International Volunteer Day, which concluded the suite of festivities of the Silesian Ecological Calendar.



Because of the frequency of the festivities and their structure, this project has a character of cyclic regional events which allows for a constant and repeatable education of participants of the events, which include: lectures, seminars, workshops, field games, expositions, ecological product fairs, certified foods markets etc. The repeatability of these events gives a good occasion to show various environmental issues of the contemporary world in a diverse fashion; it also gives an opportunity to engage teachers and students – all schools, in fact – in the celebration of international ecological festivities.



These events, when all families come to the Silesian Botanical Garden, are also an opportunity to focus the attention of parents, who introduce their children into social life, to the issues of environmental protection. This young generation and all generations that will follow, if environmentally-conscious and properly educated, may contribute to the improvement of future regional and global environment.