In the Center for Ecological Education of Children at the Silesian Botanical Garden, environmental education workshops are organized which aim to popularize ecological knowledge among the youngest inhabitants of the Mikolow community and the whole region – children in pre-school age and the youngest primary school students. The classes are field workshops and in case of bad weather are held in educational rooms. Their goal is to show the children the world of nature, to teach them to think about its protection, to stimulate their cognitive needs, to show the diversity of the world that surrounds them and to practice perceptiveness. Through play and manual and motor tasks children learn basic facts about nature and the environment in a pleasant way.





Particularly attractive for the children is the field workshop “In the footsteps of Mike the Dragon”. Children are following the nature-loving Dragon and his tasks. Little explorers visited the lime kiln, learned about honey bees, reaserched the quarry and climbed up the observation tower. After finishing all the tasks they are rewarded with some free time at the huge 3-level playground.


In case of bad weather, the classes are organized in the educational rooms, including the zone of the little gardener, where the children get to sow, replant and plant seedlings. In the zone of the little beekeeper they can peek into the beehive and learn a lot about the lives of bees. During the time spent around the magical tree they will learn about the inhabitants of the forest and the chest of touching contains a world of tree secrets.